hageli studio synchs with choreographer and performer Laura Gary

Laura transforms the space to a performance stage, a game, inspired by stylistic universes of Claudia Hägeli, converted into different body languages.

I – DEEPROOTED > Feel your fundamentals and play with it
II – HYBRID > Go with your own rules
III – WARMHEARTED > Do you feel how hot it is?
IV – CIRCLE LINE > Transcend borders between watching and doing
V – BEYOND > From one place to another, and you didn’t even feel it

This performance was been represented six times (from February to April 2019), in the Hageli workshop in Pantin (France) with a capacity limited to 15 persons per performance. An immersive experience where the public travels through the workshop according to the indications provided by the interpreter.

Light design and video projection evolve during the performance, the scenography on the floor has been built in order to be seen as a naval battle game, with its compartments in which we try to enter, without really succeeding.

Crédits photos : Tao Kazzani

– Staff –
Music : Elephantmat, Eldar Baruch
Voice : Bettina Hägeli
Drawings on silk (projected on video) : Anne Touquet
Costume, inspiration, host : Claudia Hägeli
Interpretation, choreography, scenography, dramaturgy, sound and video editing, communication : Laura Gary
Photo : Tao Kazzani
Video captation : Yael Bitton